Hopefully, you know why you have gutters on your DFW home. The simple answer. . .to deliver water away from where it should not be.

A lack of guttering can keep water in risky places for your home, including built up around the foundation, where subtle but long-term expensive damage occurs from sitting water. Trust us, replacing your gutters is a LOT cheaper than having foundation work done.

Clogged gutters can also pose a risk create messes and danger within your house. When heavy rains come, as they do in our Texas gullywashers, the water can overflow the gutter into your attic or worse your living areas. Think of your gutter as an investment to reduce the chance of a more expensive repair being needed. The two most type of gutters are vinyl and seamless.

Before installing a gutter system, let’s take a look at why the cheapest option of vinyl gutters may not be the best for you because of our unique Dallas-Fort Worth climate.

Two Primary Types of Gutters

Two of the most common types of gutters are vinyl gutters and seamless gutters. But what makes each type different from the other? Let us take a closer look at each gutter type.

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters are gutters just that  . . . pre-cut pieces of vinyl which have seams that are connected to fit your home. Because they are seamed, this can lead to problems as the gutters age. These seams can pull apart or separate. Then, water that was supposed to be carried to the downspout instead rushes through the broken seam where you don’t want the water flowing.

Because of our Texas climate of scorching summers, vinyl isn’t an ideal material for DFW homeowners. The Texas sun causes vinyl gutters to crack and slowly deteriorate. We’ve even seen many a vinyl gutter warped after it was weakened by the sun and then flooded with a Texas sized rain. Even worse, we’ve seen them crack right off the house.

Because they are lightweight-aka flimsy-while they are cheap and easy to install, you’ll find yourself needing to typically do much more maintenance and repairing them more often. None of us tend to think about our gutters until something goes wrong; yet debris that accumulated in a vinyl gutter can damage it easily because of the lack of strength of vinyl.

seamless gutters versus vinyl gutters

Seamless Gutters – A Better Solution

Unlike traditional, seamed vinyl gutter system, seamless gutters are much stronger and able to endure our Texas climate.

Instead of vinyl, seamless gutters are made of stronger materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper.

Compared to their vinyl counterparts, well-installed seamless guttering can last for years.

And you’ll have much less leaks to worry about, because your seamless gutter is a single run, with exactly that-NO SEAMS. This drastically reduces any chance of leaking and related home damage. The only place seamless gutters are conjoined are in the downspout areas. Our seamless gutter machines ensure these conjoined sections of downspout to gutter are strong, enduring, and aesthetically pleasing.

And since a vinyl gutter only functions as well its weakest link, of which there are many, a seamless gutter is much stronger and efficient at draining water away from undesirable areas.

Another benefit is simply the beauty of a seamless gutter. Unlike pre-fab vinyl gutters where you might have few color selections, our seamless gutters can come in a vast array of colors. We even color match the screws and mountings to your gutters. You will be able to choose the color that best matches your exterior look and feel.


seamless gutters versus vinyl gutters

We so believe in our seamless gutters that we are willing to come to your home for a free estimate. We are Elite Rated by HomeAdvisor, and are sure, once you speak with us, you will have complete confidence in the superior solution of a CNC seamless gutter system.

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